A disturbing comment by the Attorney General of Indiana reflects just how severe the threats to the rule of law are. 

Last week, AG Todd Rokita released a new version of his "Parents' Bill of Rights." The stated intent of the document is to answer questions parents may have about how students and educators can express their religious beliefs at school. 

In releasing the document, Rokita said "The myth of separation of church and state came from some case law a few decades ago, but it is a myth."

As the chief law enforcement officer of a state, Rokita has sworn an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States. As an attorney, he has sworn an oath to do his duties using "such means only as are consistent with truth." And as an educated man he knows that the separation of church and state was foundational to the creation of the United States and its Constitution. 

There is no excuse for this kind of outrageous statement from Rokita, especially given his supreme law enforcement authority in Indiana. We call on members of the Bar in Indiana to speak out against Rokita's faithless and dishonorable conduct.