Students Strengthening American Democracy

Lawyers Defending American Democracy is proud to collaborate with Students Strengthening American Democracy – bringing the cause of democracy to campuses around the country.

Students Strengthing American Democracy is a student-driven initiative based on a pledge with two components. 

  • The first is a commitment to volunteer or intern at an organization devoted to the ideals of democracy.
  • The second is a commitment to vote. 

This initiative (read our Origin Story) is a response to the danger signals our country currently faces. Democratic principles have been under attack as actions by the federal government have weakened basic constitutional principles, and states have passed laws that have moved closer to autocracy than democracy. We must both protect the democracy we have and strive to make it stronger. 

Together, we hope to build a generation of leaders who understand that democracy is fragile and cannot be taken for granted. Its protection – and strengthening – depends on the engagement of all of us.

The Student Pledge

By pledging to vote, students are committing to take the most fundamental step needed for a thriving democracy. By pledging to engage with a pro-democracy organization, students are committing to taking actions that can make a difference.

Pro-Democracy Organizations

LDAD will continue to add names of nonprofit, nonpartisan, and pro-democracy organizations that students can contact for potential internship opportunities. Organizations that would like to be considered for inclusion should email

Start a Chapter at Your School

Join our student-led drives to enlist students – with the support of faculty and administrative leaders – to pledge engagement with pro-democracy organizations and to vote. We'll offer you resources, mentorship, and whatever else you may need to make an impact. 

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Interconnected Threads: Exploring How the Health of Our Democracy Impacts Diverse Issues and Interests

DISCLAIMER: “Interconnected Threads” is provided as a resource for students and others seeking to understand better the link between a functioning democracy and advancements in civil rights and social justice. These articles are offered strictly for additional background reading and represent the perspectives of the cited sources only; they are not provided as official organizational opinions of Students Strengthening American Democracy or Lawyers Defending American Democracy. You may recommend articles on democracy by emailing