Lawyers Defending American Democracy is a coalition of lawyers united in the defense of our democracy.


Who We Are —

We believe that as members of the legal community, we have a unique responsibility to defend the Constitution and the values on which our democracy depends.

Our Efforts —

We have launched numerous initiatives addressing threats to our democracy and have sought accountability for those in our profession who violated their ethical obligations.

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We invite you to speak out, get involved, and join our efforts to protect democracy and the rule of law at this critical time.

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Marching Towards Autocracy: How States are Failing Democracy– And What We Can Do About It

Numerous states have been implementing laws that undermine core principles of democracy. With these developments happening quickly – and often with little public awareness – LDAD set out to identify, catalogue, analyze, and publicize these efforts in five states. This is a foundational LDAD document that offers a touchstone for future activities. 


LDAD Calls on Congress to Cease its Unconstitutional Use of the Impeachment Power

Contrary to the foundational principles of constitutional democracy, the United States House of Representatives is seeking to impeach the Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, over disagreements about immigration policy at the southern border. This effort is both unconstitutional and anti-constitutional. 

If impeachment is allowed to be weaponized as a political instrument, the disturbing result would be to help enable authoritarianism in future presidents, and to prevent presidents who adhere to the Constitution from functioning.


The Year in Review: 2023


Proposed Model Code of Conduct for U.S. Supreme Court Justices

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