Lawyers Defending American Democracy is a coalition of lawyers united in the defense of our democracy.

Who We Are —

We believe that as members of the legal community, we have a unique responsibility to defend the Constitution and values on which our democracy depends.

Our Efforts —

We have authored numerous letters, briefs and statements concerning threats to our democracy and press the legal community to support and defend the Constitution. 

Take Action —

Be a part of our efforts to demand accountability for those in our profession who do not live up to their oath and to their ethical obligations.


Hate Won't Win

Michigan State Senator Mallory McMorrow just set a model for us all to emulate by publicly standing up to political hate speech. By this letter, we ask that you, too, refuse to stay silent in the face of attacks on fundamental American democratic principles of civil discourse and fair treatment.

Ethics Complaint: Update

CA Bar Agrees to Pursue Ethics Complaint Against John Eastman

Ethics Complaint

LDAD Files Ethics Complaint Against Former Assistant AG Jeffrey Clark

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