Lawyers’ Groups Coalesce to Propose Code of Conduct for Supreme Court Justices

June 28, 2021

Mar 9, 2023

Photo: Courtesy of the Project on Governmental Oversight

At a time when public trust in the Supreme Court of the United States is at an historic low, the implementation of a formal code of conduct is necessary to restore confidence in this critical institution. 

For this reason, we are thrilled proud to announce the completion of a major project, undertaken in conjunction with the Project On Government Oversight, to develop a proposed model code of conduct that would apply to the nine Justices of the Supreme Court.

Unlike every other judge in the state and federal system, the nine Supreme Court Justices are not bound by a code of conduct. Yet there has been growing scrutiny on behaviors that may have warranted a Justice’s recusal from a case or the need for greater transparency with respect to financial disclosures. 

This proposed model code of conduct, developed by LDAD and POGO, is meant to initiate a conversation, and not necessarily be the final word. But such a conversation is needed now, and should result in the swift adoption of a binding code.





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