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LDAD Calls for Professional Discipline of Attorney Stefanie Lambert for Undermining Election Security 

June 28, 2021

Jul 10, 2024

Photo: Holmes Lybrand/CNN

DETROIT – Lawyers Defending American Democracy (LDAD) today sent a complaint to the Michigan Supreme Court’s Attorney Grievance Commission (AGC) calling for the immediate investigation of Michigan attorney Stefanie Lambert. The complaint urges the AGC to conduct an investigation into a pattern of unethical and illegal efforts by Lambert to undermine confidence in critical election infrastructure and to impose discipline for those violations. 

“Stefanie Lambert’s many false representations and repeated violations of court orders demonstrate a complete disregard for the rule of law and the ethics code of conduct that she swore to uphold,” said Scott Harshbarger, chair of Lawyers Defending American Democracy and a former Massachusetts Attorney General. “She has knowingly, willfully, and continuously violated her oath to uphold the law in multiple jurisdictions over the last few years—and shows no signs of stopping.” 

The complaint, signed by 24 legal and ethics experts, meticulously lays out the following case: 

  • In the course of litigation in the Pennsylvania courts, Lambert counseled and assisted her client, Fulton County, Pennsylvania, in facilitating multiple unlawful inspections of election equipment in violation of orders entered by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
  • Lambert shared confidential discovery materials from an opposing party in the litigation, Dominion Voting Systems, with non-parties in blatant violation of a protective order entered by a court.
  • Lambert is facing felony charges that include unlawful possession of a Dominion Voting Systems voting machine and facilitation of unapproved inspections that led to unauthorized access to voter data – including non-public voter information concerning the 2020 general election.
  • In a certiorari petition to the Supreme Court of the United States, Lambert falsely claimed that access to the Fulton County voter data was authorized by her client when in fact there was no lawful vote of the Fulton County commissioners, which is required by state law.
  • These and other actions by Lambert violate numerous provisions of the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct. 

"Attorneys are officers of the court, bound by oath to uphold the rule of law and the professional and ethical standards that are the foundation of our judicial system,” said Bruce Kuhlik, a former Assistant to the US Solicitor General and an author of the LDAD complaint,  “Anyone actively and intentionally seeking to destabilize that bedrock must be held accountable.”





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