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June 28, 2021

January 1, 2021

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The right to vote in the United States is at risk, endangering the foundation of our democracy. We need America’s legal institutions to serve as a bulwark against these attacks, and to use their powerful and influential voices to protect the rule of law.

Through this Open Letter, we denounce the widespread efforts to curtail ballot access. We call on bar associations, law firms, and law schools to use their resources and power to protect. 

There are many ways the profession can speak and act to protect and preserve our democracy, for example:

  • Expand pro bono activities to include direct engagement in the many organizations; 
  • Mobilize to fight these laws directly in the courthouse; 
  • Engage in efforts at the state and federal level to increase voter access; 

Across the nation during that summer of ’63 the civil rights movement began to awaken the nation’s sleeping conscience. Where was the organized bar, the lawyers of this nation, during this fateful time?

Some who support today’s voter suppression bills do not even try to hide their motives in the cloak of fraud prevention. Senator Ted Cruz recently stated that if federal legislation to increase voter access succeeds, the GOP will not win an election again for generations.

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