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We believe that as members of the legal community, we have a unique responsibility to defend the Constitution and values on which our democracy depends.

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We have authored numerous letters, briefs and statements concerning threats to our democracy and press the legal community to support and defend the Constitution. 

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Be a part of our efforts to demand accountability for those in our profession who do not live up to their oath and to their ethical obligations.

State Attorneys general announce an antitrust investigation into Google, Washington, USA – 09 Sep 2019
Ethics Complaint

Attorneys File Extraordinary Ethics Complaint Against Texas AG Paxton

Four former State Bar of Texas Presidents joined other distinguished state bar members to file a complaint today urging bar regulators to discipline Texas Attorney General Warren Kenneth Paxton Jr.

The 31-page complaint asserts a pattern of serious ethical misconduct, including having filed a frivolous Supreme Court lawsuit seeking to overturn the 2020 election results in four states.

Update: Ethics Complaint

Giuliani's Law License Suspended for Ethics Violations


Request for Oversight of the ODC in the Case of William Barr

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